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Thailand is a major producer of coffee and is ranked fourth in Asia. Most of the coffee you find in Thailand is coming from coffee beans from a single origin. For example Doi Inthanon, Doi Wawee or Doi Chaang. Each of these coffees has quite distinct characteristics for example bitter, rich or strong. Most of the coffee shops will sell coffee coming from the beans from one of these sources so you know in advance what the coffee will taste like. Visitors to Thailand will be surprised at how strong the hot coffee is because it is common practice to use the same dark roasted coffee beans for hot coffee that they use for iced coffee. Whilst the dark roasted beans lend themselves well to iced coffee, due to the diluting that comes from the ice, when used to create hot coffee it results in a coffee that can taste far too strong. For over 10 years Alti Coffee has been testing the coffee from all the major coffee growing locations in northern Thailand. It then skilfully blends these beans to create a coffee with all the best flavours from the different regions. The result is a fine roasted coffee blend called Alti Coffee.

After blending the coffee beans Alti Coffee then roasts the beans to different degrees to create a mild, medium and strong coffee to suit all palates. This really is a first in Thailand and has bought something really special to the Kingdom that is creating quite a buzz. Not only is this a uniquely tasting coffee but there is nothing anywhere in the world that tastes quite the same. Due to its success in Thailand Alti Coffee is now making its coffee available worldwide. We can export roasted coffee beans or green coffee beans all of which will add something special to your own blend.

“Our passion is roasting to perfection (when the order is placed) “

If you love coffee then you will love our roasted blends so why not order a sample pack. We have 3 unique blends all “roasted to perfection” so you can enjoy your coffee just the way you like it. To read more about each blend click here or on the coffee tab in the navigation menu. We deliver nationwide throughout Thailand and around the world. So if you are looking to serve your customers something really special then Alti Coffee will keep them coming back for more. Set yourself apart from the crowd and start serving Alti Coffee today.

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Coffe shop outside 640 x 480

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